Complete Information On English Golden Retrievers Puppies

On this post you will get information about English golden retrievers. Height and Weight of English golden retrievers,Age, Size,Rescue guide,buying guide.

North American natives as well as some of the other countries of that region, refer to the Golden Retriever dogs as the ‘English Golden Retriever’. They use this name of ‘English Golden Retriever’ for all those dogs that appear to have been bred overseas.

However, all Golden Retriever dogs have only one origin and that is in Scotland. There have been no other origins. The Golden Retriever dogs have only been bred in other countries across the globe, like that of Canada, England, United States, Australia, Brazil, Norway, Scotland, and other European places.

All Golden Retrievers have the same foundation, that is in Scotland dating back to the 1980’s. From Scotland, they were bred and developed further in the United Kingdom. Hence the English Golden Retriever is just another name used to refer to the Golden retriever dog breed.

More about English Golden Retriever

The English Golden Retriever dog that was bred in England is a breed which is large in size and possess a sturdy bone structure when compared to the native golden retriever dogs. These are also generally referred to as the gun dogs. They were once used in hunting expeditions by the Royals of Britain and in rescue and search operations. The English Golden Retrievers are used in retrieving waterfowl, ducks, shot birds, and upland game birds. They are also the favorite dogs in hunting and shooting parties.

The English Golden Retrievers are the perfect companions in times of loneliness and grief. They are extremely comforting and loyal to their masters. In additions, they are smart, brave and highly intelligent. They are some of the best dogs to train in all aspects and fields due to their high levels of intelligence, loyalty, and obedience.

The English Golden retrievers require quite a lot of regular exercise on a daily basis as they tend to put in extra weight in no time at all. Regular exercises, training, and morning walk work best for them, as it keeps them healthy and fit. Lack of good and regular exercises tends to get them sick with excess weight, hearth problems and ailments, brittle bones and bone structure, arteriosclerosis, hip dysplasia, and lots more. One of the most common ailments in this breed is obesity.

The average lifespan of an English Golden Retriever ranges from 11 to 42 years. You could lose your dog companion much earlier than this if you do not feed it with good nutritious dog food and lots of exercises. They will also need to go to a vet for regular checkups and vaccinations.

The English Golden Retriever Puppies can consume up to 3 small bowls of food per day, while the adult dogs can consume up to 3 big bowls in a day. This depends on the size of the dog as well as on the active life of the dog. They are not fussy eaters and so they can actually eat lots of food.

English golden retrievers

Grooming of English Golden Retrievers

English Golden Retrievers should be bathed and groomed regularly. It requires long hours of grooming and frequent brushing of furs in order to enable its fur coat to appear all shiny and luscious looking. Due to its dense fur coat, it also sheds a lot of fur during brushing and the shedding season.

Its fur is shed the whole year round and profusely twice in a year. Their ears should also be cleaned regularly to prevent the clogging of dirt and grime, as well to check the growth of ticks and other dog ear infections. Regular and frequent grooming can reduce the amount of fur shed.

Their coats are double layered and extremely thick in order for them to adapt themselves to the cold conditions. The thick fur provides them with all the warmth and comforts they need.We already wrote article on white golden retriever and red golden retriever.

Skills and activities of the English Golden Retriever

This is one dog which is eager to please not only its master but also everyone around it. It is a top performer as it is very easy to train. It performs well in swimming, races, circus rings, docks jumping, flyball, on the field, and lots more.

Like the others, the English Golden Retrievers also have an instinctive love to swim as well as a play about in the water. They are able to waddle and find their way about in the water as well as on land. These dogs are also man’s best friend as they serve as excellent watchdogs. However, these dogs do not serve well as guard dogs. They are only capable of barking when some stranger approaches, but they tend to become friends with even a stranger.

Height and weight of the English Golden Retriever

The height and weight of this dog breed vary on the age of the dog as well as on the gender of the dog. The male dogs are higher in both height and weight than the female dogs.

An average male English Golden Retriever dog weights around 65 to 75 lbs., which is approximately 29 to 34 kg. And the average female English Golden Retriever dogs weighs around 55 to 65 lb., which is approximately 25 to 29 kg.

The male English Golden Retriever dogs are taller in height than the female ones. An average male Golden Retriever dog has a height of around 22 to 24 inches, which is approximately 56 to 61 cm. While an average female English Golden Retriever dog has a height of around 20 to 22 inches, which is approximately 51 to 56 cm.

Cost of the English Golden Retriever

You can either buy an English Golden Retriever at a dog shop, or from a professional dog seller, or even from an adoption center. These dogs are sold at $3000 to $3500. Some adoption centers hand over the dogs for free, while some adoption centers give away the dog at a nominal price of $300 to $500.

So, with such amazing characteristics and being such a fun-loving dog, it is a real companion to say goodbye to all that gloomy loneliness!

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