Train Your Golden Retriever Puppy 

Golden Retrievers are one of the most beautiful dog breeds out there. Especially Puppies in this breed look the cutest among any breed. Everyone loves Golden Retrievers a lot.

Love and Affection are an integral part of a dog’s life and every dog has the right to be loved. But along with love, all dog parents should also focus on training a dog with basic commands at least so that their beloved golden retriever do not catch any bad behavior in the future.

Prevention is better than Cure!!

Also, it’s a lot difficult to teach an elder dog to obey commands as compared to a pup.

So, in this article I will list down some 2 Ways which can really help you Train your Golden Retriever Puppy for anything.

Golden Retriever

  1. What’s the Basic Method?

There may be different methods of training dogs. But mainly there are just three methods which are followed by the masses around the world.

That is, rewarding the good behavior and ignoring the unwanted behavior. Third one is obviously, Staying Consistent to this strategy.

Along with training your dog to follow any command or correcting any of his behavior problem, you should also be focusing on his mental stimulation.

Playing mental exercises like quizzes and brain games is really helpful. “Brain Training for dogs” by Adrienne Faricelli is a great book on Mental Stimulation of Golden Retriever dogs as well.

You can have a look at how it has changed the training game for a lot of dog parents by reading it’s review here.

Rewarding: Rewarding a good behavior with treats or soft toys or anything that you feel is worth a gift for your golden retriever dog. Rewarding doesn’t only mean during training only, you can also reward your dog whenever you observe him doing something that you want him to continue further.

Ignoring the Bad Behavior: This requires some strength on your part. Whenever you feel that your dog is doing or has done something that you really don’t want him to continue further, ignore the bad behavior and do not reward it.

Sometimes dog parents also reward their golden retriever dog unknowingly and mistakenly. For example, if your dog starts jumping on you with excitement when she sees the leash, do not put the leash on him at that time as that would be considered a rewarding behavior for your golden retriever.

Learn how to ignore the bad behavior of your pet dog.

Stay Consistent: I don’t think I need to stress on this enough. A lot of people just give up after trying to train their dog for about a week or 10 days. You need to be consistent and you will feel that it will be in your nature on how to treat and train your golden retriever after a month or so.

Learn to choose a Suitable reward

Whenever you intend to train your dog to correct his specific bad behavior or want your golden retriever to obey any training command, you need positive reinforcement method to try to train him or teach him.

For that, you would need a reward that your dog considers to be worthy and valuable. If he doesn’t consider the reward of any worth, he would never be listening to you or try to follow what you are saying.

Most people use treats to use as a reward for their golden retriever, for example

  • String cheese sticks.
  • Cooked chicken.
  • Meat rolls.
  • Broken-up dog biscuits or store-bought training treats.
  • Baby carrots or frozen green beans.

golden retriever puppy training

If you want more help on training your golden retriever dog, consider watching this video and grabbing this book which will really help you train your golden retriever puppy or even elder dog.

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