As promised, this month I will discuss various conditions/illnesses, and the recommended remedies.  Those that I have listed are remedies that have been tried over the years with success by various homeopathic practitioners for certain conditions presented. You must keep in mind that there are many, many more remedies from which to choose, in addition to many more conditions presented! The list below is in no way a complete listing of all remedies or all conditions.  It is merely a quick introduction! 

CONDITION                                                                         RECOMMENDED REMEDY


Sore bruised feeling; muscle aches;                                            Arnica Montana (Has strong antiseptic

Injuries from falls; muscular paralysis; after                                properties)

Dental extractions; septic conditions;

Abscesses that do not mature; blood in

Ear flaps (hematomas);


Ingestion of grass, leaves, dirt and general                                    Alumina

Abnormal cravings (pica); cracked nose;

Pain jaw when opening mouth; tender pads;

Brittle nails; constipation;          


Respiratory diseases; short of breath; continued                         Antimonium Tart (especially effective

Coughing; warts on penis in male dogs; body                             in older dogs)

Trembling; general weakness; muscle twitching;


Bee stings or hives; swellings that are                                Apis Mellifica

Shiny in their appearance; joint swellings;

Retention of fluid; allergic reactions and fluid

Retention; swollen gums, mouth & tonsils;

Body swellings;


Puppies that do not thrive; swollen tonsils;                                     Baryta Carb

Gums that bleed; old male dogs with heart

Problems; sudden lack of confidence; excessive

Loss of coat; dribbling of saliva; fatty tumors

Around the neck;


Heatstroke; convulsions; sudden fevers; sudden             Belladonna (Also prevent airsickness)

Rages; facial twitching with swollen eyelids;

Acute ear inflammations; noise sensitivity;

Dilated pupils with conjunctivitis; acute urinary

Infections; bleeding nose; dry mouth with great



Pelvic area trauma of any kind; especially after                          Bellis Perrenis

Major surgery (i.e., spaying/neutering); sprains

And bruises; enlarged spleen; yellow, painless

Diarrhea; bowel rumbling;


Liver disease; inflammation of kidneys; spinal                            Berberis Vulg (Use for conditions that

Irritation; sunken face/eyes; pain in testicles                               get worse just before, during and just

And scrotum of male; occasional incontinence;                          after a full moon)


Eating dirt; hot spots; red inflamed ears with                              Calc. carb (Good for pituitary and

Eruptions; pimples in whiskers; interdigital                                 thyroid dysfunction)

Cysts; pupil dilation; cataracts; excessive

Appetite; swollen lymph nodes in throat;

Swelling of tonsils; umbilical hernia; prolapsed

Anus; skin ulcerations that do not heal quickly;


Gas pains; stomach bloated; moist flatulence                              Carbo Veg. (Useful in older dogs near

And painful diarrhea in older dogs; skin ulcers;                          death)

Weak joints;


Vomiting yellow bile; teething pups; colic;                                  Chamomilla

Swollen Gums; young dogs with diarrhea;

Stools that are green and watery; general

Whining and restlessness; 


Epilepsy; convulsions; hiccups; spasms;                                     Cicuta Virosa

Howling; head twisting to one side; yellow

Scabs on face or head or corners of mouth

And chin; esophageal spasms; rumbling of

Stomach; eczema with no itching;


Debilitated dog from excessive vomiting                                    Cinchona Officinalis (Use in Parvo Cases)

And/or diarrhea (loss of fluids); vomiting of

Undigested food; slow digestion; frothy

Yellow stools; sudden roaching of back; gas

After surgery; external ear sensitivity; ear

Flaps red and swollen; oversexed and

Excited male dogs; excessive heat cycles in

Bitches with blood discharge in between seasons;



Nose bleeds; trauma and bleeding of any kind;                      Ferrum Phosphate (Stops bleeding within

Acute ear irritation; respiratory conditions with                      30 seconds)

Swollen tonsils; vomiting of undigested food and

Blood; Onset of heart disease;


Tartar removal from teeth; prevents the formation                      Fragaria

Of calculi; Do not use during pregnancy or



Bacterial infections; hot spots with oozing pus;                           Hepar Sulph

Skin ulcers and skin conditions that bleed

Easily; middle ear infections; intense pain



Stress; depression; sadness; seizures; shock;                             Ignatia

For puppies at time of placement into new homes;

Loss of companion; separation anxiety; dogs

That do not show well; breaking stays at shows;


Redness between toes; constipation; inflamed                            Lachesis (Do not repeat this remedy too

Mammary glands; stiff neck; shortening of                                 often)

Tendons; dogs that run away;


Inspect stings; spider bites; puncture wounds                             Ledum

(including from vaccinations and injections);

Poison oak; anal fissures; swollen hock joints;


Separation anxiety; angry, aggressive dogs;                               Lycopodium Clav.

Uric acid disorders; helps kidney, liver function;

Give confidence under stressful situations;

Very good for show dogs; sties on the eye;

Hepatitis; aortic disease; leg cramps; skin



Vomiting yellow bile; liver remedy; inflammation                        Natrum Sulph

Around the root of the nail; skin problems that

Return each Spring;


Poisoning; digestive system troubles; after                                  Nux Vomica (Great Liver cleanser)

“garbage can” raid; upset stomach; hiccups;

Excessive retching; sound sensitive dogs;

Excessive exposure to toxins (Flea dips, anesthesia,

Heart worm medication, antibiotics);




Poison Ivy; flea bite dermatitis; swollen skin with                           Rhus. Tox.

Hot spots; swollen joint and tendons; Corneal

Ulcerations; swelling about the nose and face;

Swollen glands; coughing at night; difficulty



Foreign bodies lodged in skin; brittle nails;                                 Silicea

Abscesses or boils (brings to a head); skin

Eruptions on the mouth, gums, lips and chin;

Swollen testicles; hard lumps in mammary

Glands; conditions that become worse around

New moon;


Mange; smelly dogs; dry, red skin causing                                 Sulphur

Hot spots; diarrhea; constipation; complete

Loss of, or excessive appetite;


Broken bones; joint injuries; eye injuries;                                   Symphytum

Internal ulcers;                         


Reaction to vaccines;  Spongy tumors;                                      Thuja Occidentalis

Antibacterial action; chronic otitis;

Internal Nostril ulcerations; Tooth decay;

Retracted gums; complete loss of appetite;

Rumbling in abdomen; flatulence;

Dragging of feet; muscular twitches and

Trembling; brittle nails; dry skin with

Brown spots;


Small red blotches; symptoms that return                                   Urtica Urens

The same time each year; flea bites; burns and

Scalds; antidote to poisoning from seafood;                  


Post operative shock; violent retching and                                 Veratrum Album

Vomiting; helps control dehydration; eating of

Stools (coprophagia); chronic bronchitis in

Old dogs; heart stimulant;


A very good friend of mine, Suzi Beber (www.smilingblueskies.com) gave me a tip on another remedy.  She stated, “I think that every home should have Traumeel, for people and pets. This is a combination remedy that knows no bounds. It is good for so many things.”

Traumeel is an anti-inflammatory and analgesic and has been used successfully for over 30 years. It is even included in the Physicians Desk Reference (PDR.) It is useful for the temporary relief of symptoms associated with inflammatory, exudative, and degenerative processes due to acute trauma, repetitive or overuse of injuries or arthritic conditions. These can include sprains, bursitis, dislocations, fractures, bruises, post-operative or post-injury swelling, etc., as well as various arthritic conditions.  

Suzi also provided a link to one of the kits that you can purchase on the web.  It contains a good basic inventory of remedies with good background information:


I hope this series on Homeopathic Healing has given you a basic introduction into the alternatives available for you and your pet.  I cannot stress enough the importance of conducting your own research and speaking with a professional before starting any treatment protocol.  The information offered is not intended to be a substitute for veterinary advice. 

Wishing you all a very Happy, Healthy, Prosperous & Winning New Year!!

As always, I can be reached at GoodHeart@telstar-online.net


Holistic Guide for a Health Dog, Wendy Volhard & Kerry Brown, DVM (Second Edition)



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