Where the Golden Retriever Club Of America is the parent club of our breed and the "keepers", the Golden Retriever Foundation is the "protector" of the breed.  Through donations the Foundation funds health studies, research, education  and assists rescue.

There is no better way to pay tribute to your Golden who has passed than by making a donation to the Foundation in it's memory.

The Golden Retriever Foundation sponsors the Top Twenty Gala every year at our breed club's National.   The Foundation holds an art auction.  Artists donate pieces of their work which are auctioned off to the highest bidder.  This event makes a great deal of money for the Golden Retriever Breed.

The efforts of the Golden Retriever Foundation should be supported by all Golden Fanciers.  Whether your Golden is a Show Dog, Field Dog, Obedience Dog, Agility Dog or a Beloved Pet the Foundation Helps.  The money donated to cancer research alone is amazing.  The Foundation is truly looking out for and trying desperately to improve the health of our Golden Retrievers.

Rescue has long been thankful to the Foundation for grants for special needs and special projects.  There is probably not one rescue group that didn't at one time need the Foundation's help with a special project or special case.  

The Golden Retriever Foundation also supports education.  There is no better way to protect our breed than through the education of the pet owning public.  Their noble efforts in this area WILL make a difference.

Please visit the Foundations Web Site at:

And think of making a donation today.  Memorial donations are just one example of the way you can help the Golden Retriever Foundation.  A letter will be sent acknowledging your gift to you and the person who's Golden you are honoring.  Some breeders donate a set amount to the Foundation for every puppy they produce and sell.  The reason and ideas are endless.  

For more information about the Golden Retriever Foundation and making a donation please visit the website listed above. If you have questions you may contact any of the Foundations Board Members.  They are always willing to tell you about this passionate and giving organization.

Here's how you can donate your car to the GRF.........

Thank you for your interest in the Golden Retriever Foundation.
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