Last month I gave an overview on Homeopathic Healing, how it was discovered, the theories on how it works and a little on treating our dogs.  (Please refer to the archives below if you missed the article). This month I am going to discuss how to use homeopathy, the potencies, how to use the remedies and dosing. 

There are two ways to use homeopathy.

Ø      Classic Homeopathy – This is where one single remedy is used.  The remedy is used in a high potency and is used to cure a “chronic” illness.  This type of homeopathy should be used under the guidance of an expert practitioner.  They will have taken the case history and repetoirized it (researched).  This is an art and not for the layperson.  Should a very high potency be used without fully understanding how the remedy works, previous illnesses may be aggravated in addition to the current illness and this can turn into a dangerous and frightening situation to someone with little or no previous homeopathic experience.  The cure can also then take a long time.

Ø      Acute disorders/Low potencies – Homeopathy can be very effective for acute disorders.  All remedies used in low potencies can be used by the layperson.  They will work, or they won’t.  No harm can be done.


It was discovered (by Dr. Hahnermann) that when his natural remedies were diluted, they actually became more effective.  The more a substance is diluted, the powerful it is.  When you take a remedy and the remedy is put through “succession” (banging and shaking the remedy a certain number of times), the energy within the substance is released. The remedy (or substance) can then be diluted again, making it more powerful.

Remedies are either succussed 10 times or 100 times.  If a remedy is succussed 10 times it is given an “x” potency and is a substance that is diluted one in 10 times.  If it is succussed 100 times, it is given a “c” potency and is diluted 100 times.  Thus a 6x potency would be a remedy diluted 1 in 10, 6 times.  During each succussion, harmful toxins are removed from the original substance and it becomes more powerful. Many kinds of substances are used as remedies, including poisons.  Succussion removes the toxins.  Thus, prescribing the wrong remedy can do no harm.


Remedies come in various forms.  They can be smaller than a pinhead to tablet/capsule size.  The size and how the energy of the substance is formed depends on the manufacturer. Most practitioners prefer small pellets as they are the easiest to administer.  

Some remedies will come in a liquid form and will be contained in a dropper bottle.  This type of remedy is easy to administer to dogs and animals in general.  Gently lift the “flew” on the dog’s mouth and squeeze in the required dose.  Another way to administer the remedy is to simply add it to your dog’s water. 

If you use a remedy in a pellet form, make sure you avoid touching the pellets.  The pellets will come in bottles with specially made lids or dispensers so you can count out the number of pellets you need to administer.  This is usually 1 to 5 pellets.  You simply drop them into your dog’s mouth.  It is also okay to crush the pellets, mix them with distilled water and use a dropper to dose your dog.  All remedies should be stored in a cool, dark place.  They should not be subjected to bright light. 


            Although dosing can seem to be a bit confusing, the general “rule of thumb” for acute problems (such as sprains, insect bites, cramps, pulled muscles, stress) is to use one dose of the particular remedy and then wait five (5) minutes.  If the remedy seems to be working, another dose is NOT given.  If symptoms seem to be lessening, but only a little, another dose is given.  This scenario should continue on for about 15 minutes, dosing every 5 minutes, and if the symptoms do not greatly improve wait about a half an hour and use it again.  Thereafter use it on an hourly basis. 

            The most commonly used potencies are from 6x to 30c.  There are many, many remedies from which to choose.  Pre-made kits are available from various sources.  Next month I will discuss the “remedies” for various ailments.

            Next month in Part Three of Homeopathic Healing, I will discuss the Conditions and Remedies!


Holistic Guide for a Health Dog, Wendy Volhard & Kerry Brown, DVM



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