It has taken me a lot of time, a lot of thinking and a lot of listening to figure out what I am going to do with everythinggolden.  After much thought I decided to close the magazine but turn the sit into an educational, informative free website.  So I will no longer be taking ads for money but I will accept vendor pages, links to websites, articles of interest.  Anything and everything for the golden retriever novice or experienced owner. 


I will be linking all the old articles and I will take a listing of your kennel -  you may include your Kennel Name, address, phone, email, website and your stud dogs you have who are available.  I will accept articles that you have written or have permission to reprint.  I will accept vendor information and non-profit info.  This will just be like a large reference site where you can go to find out what you need to know about golden retrievers.


This take the pressure off me and it allows me to go for my judges license if that is what I decide to do.  But still fulfills my need to contribute to educating and helping those looking for information about goldens.


I hope you will use the site and add to it - just contact me if you want to add something or have your kennel listed.   You can let me know when you have puppies available and I will put that with your kennel listing.  So here we go - out with the old and in with the new.


     Until next time I remain, no longer your editor- Julie


    Your comments are welcome -