How to Obedience Train your German Shepherd Dog in 2018 Without Spending Hours

How to Obedience Train your German Shepherd Dog in 2018 Without Spending Hours

Training a German Shepherd can be a tiring task but it is very rewarding and satisfactory. This is because German shepherds are quick learners and intelligent. They are naturally very active and readily agrees to perform any task given to them.

Training a german shepherd dog will not only make him more civilized but also strengthen the bond between you, a dog owner and your dog. I am sure it would be a great experience for both of you.This builds trust.

Why is Obedience Training essential?

How would you feel when a friend of you enters your house and your dog starts barking incessantly on him and also starts jumping on him thinking he is a intruder and even after you yelling at him to stop, he is continuing that behavior?

Obviously you would hate something like that happening, isn’t it?

This is the reason why Obedience training is necessary for your dog to be civilized. This will be great for society and more for your own self and your family. You will have a well mannered companion and your dog will develop to his full potential.

I would advise you to start training your german shepherd as early as possible in his life cycle. You can start with basic training commands like sit,stand,come and down. Always try to make sessions short and dun. Try to use rewards and encourage when your dog performs a give task properly.

If you need expert advice or you are facing problems in treating bad dog behavior such as excessive barking, pulling the leash, pooping or potty inside the house, i would consult you not to hire any professional dog trainer as they charge thousands of dollars but to go for a dog training program called Brain training for dogs by Adrienne Faricelli. You can read the review to brain training for dogs training here.

Always try to bring in something new to training , like new rewards or new tricks and games to prevent your german shepherd pup to get bored easily. When training your dog, always keep these 5 points in mind

  1. Patience
  2. Consistency
  3. Positive Reward
  4. Fun
  5. Authoritative Firmness



  1. Patience is the key. Anybody in the world does take time to learn new skills or new techniques. Same is the case with your dog as well, just don’t be impatient and feel it won’t work or start making excuses like “No i am not a Trainer so i cant do this”. Anybody can, especially if you get so many tips from Brain training course.
  2. One of the main things to keep in mind is that you need to be consistent. At Least spend 10-20 minutes daily with your dog teaching him the basic training commands. Gradually you will realise your hard work is paying off and your little doggy is learning new skills and growing intelligent.
  3. As i mentioned earlier, it is important to encourage and appreciate your dog so that he gets to know that his master is happy after he does something. Lavish a lot of praise and kind words. Strict approach won’t work with german shepherds.
  1. Keep training sessions short and sweet. Training sessions should be something you and your dog shall enjoy the most together.
  1. Be Authoritative. Make yourself a Pack Leader. Your dog would be trained quicker if he respects you and considers you seriously and someone who carries a lot of authority.


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