The Obedience Corner 

By Jennifer DeLaurant

I hope everyone had some wonderful holidays, as we begin the new year, keep in mind your dog’s happiness. It’s fun and rewarding to earn titles, but often times we see dogs that are having absolutely no fun in the ring. Remember it’s not all about us. J Rally is designed to keep your dog happy and upbeat while encouraging teamwork amongst the human and the dog.

We will be continuing the Rally signs from sign #10. Sign 10 is the 270° Left turn. On this turn, your dog will be on the inside of the turn, so it is important that you don’t crowd the dog or make the turn too tight as to cause you to accidentally bump the dog. Training for this is easy if you use the "lure" method. Holding a treat out in front of your dog and gently guide them around to your left, while slowly turning with them. As the dog becomes more comfortable, you can speed up the turn and eventually lose the treat. Keep in mind there is no halt after this sign, so this sign is intended to be fluid and continuing movement on to the next sign.

Sign #11 is the 360° Right turn and Sign #12 is the 360° Left turn. Both of these turns are a complete turn, they are also intended to be performed by the team as tight as possible. While performing the turn to the right, try to keep the dog as close to you as possible without them knocking up against you. Once again, any interference or "touching" between you and your dog will be penalized. I try to picture my feet on a plate and move them within that plate area, so my motion is very limited, which in turn encourages the dog to maintain a tighter movement as well.

While performing the 360° Left turn, you will be going around your dog while they turn on the inside of the circle. Make sure that your dog doesn’t sit and is turning with you. Once again, these two turns are intended to be fluid as there is no halt after these signs.

The next 4 signs are pretty much alike, however, there is a slight difference with the "Halt" being introduced to the mix on sign 15. Beginning with Sign #13 "Call Front Finish Right Forward". As you proceed towards the sign, take a few steps back and call the dog to front. The dog needs to come to a straight front, sitting in front of you. Then you have the dog finish right, or some people call it "Round" or "Around". The dog will go towards your right, moving around the back of you towards the heeling position. As the dog begins to enter your left heeling position, the handler moves forward towards the next station. The dog does NOT sit as there is no "Halt" indicated. The sign states exactly what you are to do, call front, then finish right, then forward. The only stop in movement is when the dog comes to the front position and sits in front of the handler.

Sign #14, "Call Front Finish Left Forward", is basically the same thing, with the finish being to the left or some call it "Swing". Again as the team is moving forward, the handler can take a few steps back to get the dog into the front position. The dog sits facing the handler in a straight front, then the handler tells the dog to finish left or "swing", as the dog clears the front of the handler, the handler then continues on to the next sign. The dog does NOT sit as there is no "Halt" indicated.

Sign #15, "Call Front Finish Right Halt", this is basically the same as Sign #13 with the exception of the dog finishing left and sitting next to the handler in a heel position. The team then proceeds forward after the dog sits. Remember, you can speak to your dog, you can remind them to sit.

Sign #16, "Call Front Finish Left Halt", again is basically the same as sign #14 with the exception of the dog sitting after they finish left. The team will proceed forward after the dog has completed the sit.

Sign #17, "Slow Pace". The team must make a noticeable change in speed to slow down. Be careful not to slow too slow as to cause the dog to sit.

Sign #18, "Fast Pace". The team must make a noticeable change in speed to speed up. A jog or fast walk is acceptable.

Signs 10 through 12 and 17 and 18 are fluid signs and meant to be in motion. Signs 13 to 16 are stationary signs.

If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me at May 2014 find you with great health, much happiness, solid prosperity and many, many titles! Happy New Year!


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