Red Golden Retriever Puppies Facts, Information & Pictures

Red Golden Retrievers are the same breed of Golden Retriever dogs with just different hues of golden colors. The Red Golden retrievers are called so because of the almost reddish color fur on its coat.

Their fur coat comprises of lush and luscious looking fur. The deep reddish amber hue of this dog has more resemblance to the Irish setter dog. The red Golden retriever has its origin in Ireland where it was crossed by the breed of the Irish Setter. Apart from this, the other features of the red retrievers resemble those of the Irish setters more than those of the traditional Golden retriever.Golden retriever is also available in white color.

However, this dog possesses all of the other characteristics of the Golden Retriever which makes it one of the most popular dogs to own. Like the rest of the Golden retriever dogs, this one is also built of a sturdy bone structure and it belongs to the large sized dog breed. It has a sharper head and skull structure that tapers straight to its sides.

More about Red Golden Retriever

It is also a fun loving, smart, loyal and devoted dog, just like the others. During the olden days, when hunting and shooting was common, the red golden retrievers puppies were man’s best companion out on such rides, as a member of the hunting and search parties. These dogs used to retrieve all of the shot game birds and bring it back to the shooter or hunter.

These dogs were popular during the hunting season because they were the only dogs which loyally brought back the shot bird back to the shooter without causing it further damage or injury, or even eating it up like the other hunting dogs did. The red golden retrievers were reliable dogs in a variety of expeditions like hunting for duck, wild turkey, pigeons, doves, geese, pelican, flamingos, cranes, and lots more.

The red golden retrievers are also very easy to train, whether it was basic or advanced training, as they possess high levels of obedience. The red golden retrievers are more adapted to the outdoors better than the other kinds of golden retriever dogs. But they are also suitable for an indoor life. These dogs also possess a much higher temperament than their other golden retriever counterparts. These dogs are also known to possess high levels of intelligence and understanding of their surroundings. The red golden retrievers are adaptable to both the suburban and the countryside environments.

The fur coats of Red Golden Retriever

The red golden retrievers have thick fur coats that were long and tapered to the ends of its body. It possessed double-layered fur coats that had dense fur and which were enough to keep them warm and in comfort for even the most extreme climatic conditions. The outer layer of the fur on the fur coat sticks to their body and it repels water.

The thick fur on their bodies is shed on a regular basis and all throughout the year. It sheds its fur in large amounts twice a year. Dog owners of these red golden retrievers will find their fur all over their homes as well as on their hands after a good pat. In order to avoid excess shedding of fur, the dog owners should brush the fur coat regularly, whether daily or weekly. The thick fur on its body requires regular grooming.  

History of the Red Golden Retriever

The red golden retriever first had its origins during the time when the wildfowl hunting and shooting was a popular sport in Scotland by the wealthy and elite aristocratic groups. It was only during the late 18th century that a British Aristocratic Lord by the name of Lord Tweedlemouth, mixed a breed of the Irish setter with another of the Tweed Water Spaniel, to form the Red Golden Retriever. It was the very first crossbreed of its kind and it is the original one of all the other golden retriever dogs.

red golden retriever

red golden retriever puppy

Lifespan of the Red Golden Retriever

The average lifespan of the red golden retriever ranges from 10 to 12 years. However, your dog could die at a much earlier age if proper dog care, food, and nutrition are not provided for it. This dog also requires lots of daily exercises to keep it fit and healthy as it is a lover of food. It also requires lots of active exercises to keep the muscles and bones in its body fit and in motion.Please Check the complete information on English cream golden retriever puppy.

Activities of Red Golden Retriever

The red golden retriever is also a family dog, a great performer who loves to entertain audiences, as well as, it is a participant in various forms of activities. This dog is a natural swimmer, is highly agile in circus rings, takes part in race competitions, dock jumping, flyball, gymnastics, and in field training. They are easily trainable as they are always ready to please their trainers and also due to their high levels of obedience.

They are also a part of high-end jobs like detection and rescuing, guiding blind and deaf people, sniffing of drugs and bombs, earthquake and natural disaster rescues and lots more.

Height and weight of the Red Golden Retriever

The weight of the male red golden retriever ranges between 65 to 75 lbs., which is approximately 29 to 34 kg. The weight of the female red golden retriever ranges between 55 to 65 lbs. which is approximately 25 to 29 kg.  The height of the male red golden retriever ranges between 22 to 24 inches and the height of the female red golden retriever ranges between 20 to 22 inches.

Cost of the Red Golden Retriever

Red golden retrievers are sold all over the country at dog stores, by other professional dog sellers and also at adoption centers. At dog stores, the red golden retriever is sold at $3000 to $3500 per dog. Some dog adoption centers take a nominal fee of $300 to $500, while some offer them to you for free.

So, head out to the nearest dog shelter and take home a cute, friendly and bubbly looking red golden retriever. Your family will love you even more for it!

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