compiled by Robyn Stirrat

Midland Golden Retriever Rescue has a new golden goodie - and it is a book - so if you would like to check out what they have go to their site at: (RAG of AZ)
This site offers Logo Tee shirts and sweatshirts, a darling nightshirt that
looks like my daughters bed, 2001 Hearts of Gold calendar, hand painted
wooden candle, hats, bandannas, notecards, photo notecards, Photosculptures
that can be used as a business card holder or name plaque and even done with
a custom message, 21 different magnets, decals, logo pin and Rainbow Bridge
pin.Portraits of your pet by Janie Wormsbecker (beautiful pencil drawings -
you must mention Rags of AZ for them to get a portion of the proceeds.)
Donations "In Honor of" or "In Memory of" are gratefully accepted and
acknowledged. (Brazos Valley Golden Rescue)
This site has tee shirts, clay paw print kits, a lovely poster called the
Forgotten ones. Beautifully carved wooden things for your desk including a
business card holder and a clock. Carved wooden leash holder, welcome sign
and gorgeous 3D wall sculpture. (BARC - building fund)
BARC is putting together a building fund to house unwanted golden retrievers
until they can be placed. You can make a donation "In Honor of" or "In
Memory of". They also have a link for and which gives
them 10% of your order. BARC also has a "Wish List" of items they need. You
could donate something to them again "In Honor of" or "In Memory of" (Golden Retrievers in Cyberspace)
This site has great items for home and yard. Rainbow Bridge items, books and
slobber stamps. They have grooming aprons, jewelry, keychains, ornaments and
bookmarks. There is a little bit of everything here and a really great
leather lead for walking two dogs. Their teeshirt, sweatshirt, mousepad and
mugs have a beautiful head study. (link to all rescues with items
for sale) This link from Golden Retrievers in Cyberspace has a long list of
different rescue programs offering items for sale. (Golden Town) (proceeds to Golden
Town) !00% of the purchase price for thes absolutely adorable lables go to
the Golden Town project. (Golden Opportunities)
This site broke my bank....they have everything! A golden retriever puzzle,
a huge selection of cards, plush golden retrievers, the cutest gr magnetic
grocery list. Woobies of goldens, a mallard and a heart. Bookmarks, magnetic
note holder, magnetic memo board and placemats. They have prints and framed
"your dog poem". They have a beautiful Christmas wreath, holiday cards and a
dog bone cookbook...a must see site. (Heartland
Golden Rescue) This site has the most darling mini garden flags. Welcome
signs for the front door. Wooden leash holder and key holder both with a
beautiful golden head study. They have a wooden calendar holder, check book
covers, business card holder and slobber stamps as well as Tee shirts. (Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue)
This site has several holiday items for sale. They have a golden wreath,
grapevine wreath with wooden cutout golden and ribbon. A meticulously
handcrafted and painted Golden mailbox. Golden retriever refrigerator
magnets. They have Wooden Golden Christmas ornaments, same cutout as the
magnet but decorated for Christmas with ribbon to hang it on the tree. They
have t-shirts, sweatshirts and towels with the logo in metallic gold. The
2001 LIGRR Rescue calendar features photos of goldens rescued by LIGRR. The
cover features Phoenix's Will. Golden Rescue) As
yet this site is not selling anything but I promised Mary Williams I would
remind everyone that they could use the Source Menagerie link and request
the donation go to Midlands Golden Rescue. (Norcal Rescue)
This is another mega site! They have wonderful holiday items including a
needlepoint Christmas stocking. Golden-Theme apparel, dog walker's hat,
baseball caps, fleece vests and shirts. They have a great selection of
ceramics including dinnerware, porcelain switch plate covers, drawer pulls,
bathroom sets, dog bowl and mat set.
They have needlepoint cosmetic bag and coin purse. And many other fun items.
There are links to retailers that give rescue a portion of the proceeds from
the sales via the links. (GRRIN - Nebraska)
This site has Tee shirts and sweatshirts "Lifes a Ball". They have a waist
pack with water bottle. Doggie scarves, polo shirts for humans, leashes,
thermal can holder and a darling wooden key chain. They sell a Grooming
Video. I know people have been asking about a grooming video so here is
where to find one....great idea to send home with every puppy you sell. They
also have many discounted items. (GRRRR-Midwest)
This site has a beautiful denim shirt, polo shirt, pen, hat, note cards and
thank you cards. They have a GRRR watch and three different screen savers.
(Silver Springs Spay-Neuter Project) They scrub
tops with Christmas Golden Puppy fabric and field golden fabric they make
into vests. They will be making vests out of Golden Puppy fleece fabric.
Each item is made to order. Lee is working on a Golden portrait in
fabric....hopefully for Christmas. (Source Menagerie link to benifit the
rescue of your choice) From this link you can designate which rescue program
you want a portion of the proceeds to go to. As most of us know if Source M
doesnt have dont need it! (GRC of Greater Toledo-Rescue) This site has a
golden retriever cookie cutter for $6. They also sell tennis balls on a
rope, they are $5. (Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue)
Yankee has a great discount department! They have Christmas ornaments and
decorations. This was the only place I saw clothing for children with Golden
motif. They have both mens and womens clothing, books, stationary and home
decor ideas. This is a great site. (Dallas Ft.Worth Metro GRC)
All kinds of merchandise for the golden lover.  T-shirts for the tri purpose golden 
lover and water bottles. Check it out and see just what they might have for
the golden person on your Christmas list! (Golden Retriever Rescue of Maine)
Unique note cards, giant braided fleece toys, dog-bone Christmas wreaths, and 
much more! (Golden Retriever Rescue, Education and Training)
Lots of merchandise for your purchasing pleasure! (Golden Retriever Rescue of Michigan)
 T-shirts, sweatshirts, boxers, mugs, clock, tank tops, tote, mouse pad (with golden 
puppy and Source-M's stuffed mice). Some of it has our logo, and some of it 
has fun original stuff, i.e. Old Gold, Golden Sunshine, Life is a Bitch, 
Everyday is a Bad Hair Day with a Golden, etc.    (Triad Golden Retriever Rescue)
All kinds of merchandise for the golden lover.  T-shirts, sweat shirts, hats, leashes and a sports bag cooler.  

http://www.golden-retriever.or (RAG of AZ) (Brazos Valley Golden Rescue) (BARC - building fund) (Golden Retrievers in Cyberspace) (link to all rescues with items
for sale) (Golden Town) Town)!gemshums/gemma/GoldenLables.htm (Proceeds to go to
Golden Town) (Golden Opportunities) (Heartland
Golden Rescue) (Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue) (Norcal Rescue) (GRRIN - Nebraska) (GRRRR-Midwest)
(Silver Springs Spay-Neuter Project) (Source Menagerie link to benefit the
rescue of your choice) (GRC of Greater Toledo-Rescue) (Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue) (Golden Retrievers In Need - Ohio)


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